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      A few small issues that I have noticed:


      1. The e-mail notification has a slightly odd format. Kind of centred with a blue surround. Worth thinking about the presentation of the notifications in general. (See attached).


      2. When you click on a link in an e-mail notification, you get taken to the log-in page (and pleasingly get carried through when you log in – hooray). Howver, the log-in page has the page title “<title>Access denied | talkphysics</title>” which appears in the bar atthe top of the browser. This is probably unneccessarily alarming. May a title more like “Please log in” would be better. (Also see attached).




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      In addition, could the email subject say which Group the post is in and could the “From:” field be amended to included the author’s name (even if “talkphysics” is still retained somewhere)?

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      The “New group content on Talk Physics” bit (subject line) is unnecessary, too?  “[TP] Small presentation issues”, etc, would be better.

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      Being able to see, in notifications, who the post is from would be really useful.


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      And while it is interesting to see the number of posts I have made and my role, I would prefer not to see either and certainly not the number of posts!

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      I think the e-mail notification does show who the post is from but I have to say I missed it at first. However, it is the first line in the body of the e-mail. Or did you mean it should be in the subject line of the e-mail?

      Also, oddly, the link was not a hyperlink in the notification for Ruth’s post above. Although previous notifications, the link has been a live hyperlink.

      I have to say, I quite like seeing the info about the person who made the post. But I think it should run across the page rather than wrapping in a very narrow column. It currently takes up 5 lines where it could take up 1. It would be better if the “1 hour ago” appeared next to the “new” to the right of the photo. Then the line underneath would carry all the info about Ruth (or whoever!).

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      A couple of pretty small ones (hopefully easily fixed).


      1. Styling of a topic and posts. The topic intto (which is kind of the first post in the topic). Has nice line spacing and puts an extra space between paragraphs (which has got doubled up above because I put in two line breaks). However, the posts within the topic has very tight line spacing. And no extra space between paragraphs. So the paragraphs can’t be distinguished. I imagine this is a style sheet issue.


      2. Slightly strangely, the button under the search box in groups, memebrs etc says “Apply”. Is there a reason it isn’t “Search”. I’d understand “apply” if it was a further filtering of a search that you’d already done.

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      In a user’s profile, the “about me” paragraph shows the html tags. This might need to be stripped out manually???

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      I meant in the email notification line whih does not show the person on the two email sytems I use, nor on a BlackBerry.  The notification for posts in this forum look like this (which I hve not abbreviated):

      Comment for Forum topic: Small p…

       Charles is right the links are not coming up as hyperlinks.

      While we might be interested in people’s backgrounds, I think having that and the number of posts on each posting could be intimidating/off putting.  If you want that information you can now get it  by clicking on the person’s name.

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      The blue background on the emails doesn’t bug me too much — nice to have HTML emails, nicely formatted!  🙂  Might be nicer with a bit of blue top/bottom as well as sides, to complete the framing.


      Emails to PTNC have the author as the email sender in the “From:” field, just like direct emails, rather than list-served ones.  The “To:” field says “PTNC” and the subject line has “[PTNC]” appended to the front of whatever the author wrote.  These are very intuitive steps that integrate seamlessly with all email software.


      I would be surprised if these things could also not be done when the script is building the email ready for mass sending and I think it would be well worth it.  Currently my inbox (GMail) just shows “talkphysics        Comment for Forum topic: Small presentatio….” and then my window runs out of space.

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      Minor, tiny little point (that PTNC does as well, but I don’t mind as it’s harder to access the afterwards content online) — possible to exclude the author from the email notification, so that they don’t get emailed the post they just made?


      By the way, I know we’re all offering tweaks (ie thinly veiled criticism!)…but can I just say a huge “Well Done and Thankyou!” for the new email notification system.  Clicking the hyperlink is every bit as easy as pressing “reply”, meaning that I’m actually using TalkPhysics again!


      On with the tweaks, then… 🙂


      Replace the “Read more at [full hyperlink]” with a simple “Reply” or “Go to thread”?  Maybe a button?  Not sure why I’d want the hyperlink, and if I did I could get it myself.


      Put the author’s name in a bold font?


      Put the disclaimer/unsubscribe blurb in a tiny, greyed out font?  Perhaps inside the blue border bit?  Or (what I’d perhaps prefer) lose it altogether?  We’ve managed for years without it on PTNC and (in my mind) it clutters the message a bit.

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      To echo Stuart – these are minor points and thank you too.

      There are inconsistnecies: the hyperlinks to the posts seem to be back but not all the posts do come up with the poster’s name at the top: Ian Lawrence’s ( I guess the SPT ones are from him) and a recent one from Christine Mayson didn’t.

      But overall it is better.

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      @Stuart – I’m happy, as ever, to receive the thinly veiled criticism – it lets us know what engaged users would like improved!


      Thanks for the formatting feedback – yes, hopefully some fairly straightforward changes for the next stage of development which will make a noticeable difference for lots of people. I certainly miss the old header formatting myself! During development we got bogged down with some really, really serious issues (e.g. Drupal 7 had a massive bug for closed groups!!!), and it was a shame that we just had to let a bunch of things like this go, or we’d never have launched.


      In the old site, members did not receive a copy of their own notifications, but I think that caused more difficulties than it solved – a few users contacted me wondering whether something was wrong, because they’d expected consistent behaviour.


      @Ruth – thanks for the detail.


      @Charles – yes, I spotted somewhere else that the HTML isn’t working, so will need to be stripped out. I’d prefer that the HTML worked, but at the least I’ll need to encourage users to go through and do stuff like tag resources, topics, etc. and update their About Me, and whatever that other place was…


      Similarly, I could educate group owners – they’ve got more powers in the new system (e.g. they can edit topics, posts, etc. in their own groups), so now someone wanting a spelling (or ranting…) mistake fixed can at least preview their post (and step away from the keyboard for a coffee and a moment’s reflection), and ask either the group owner or a site admin to edit things.

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      And a small internal irritation: the IOP logo in the footer is meant to point at iop.org, not talkphysics.org.

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      Using webmail on Firefox, the weblink in the notification email is still not coming up as a hyperlink.  But on my home email the links are showing a hyperlinks.  Firefox problem or webmail?  Oddly searching for the numbers in the link doesn’t work.

      I love not having to change pages in long threads.

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      Another formating point – on a topic page such as this one. For people who have long descriptions (such as Ruth above), it takes up three lines because it scrolls unneccessarily. Also, the description of the person’s role could go on the same line as the name – saving another line. The number of posts and the time could then all fit within the height of the photo.

      It could look like this (Assuming I can embed it).



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