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      The various files that go with the Son of New Ideas are available to download here as a zip file. For instance the instruction labels for the activities are in Son of New Ideas.ppt.

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      Updated PowerPoint – I have just updated Gary’s PowerPoint to include the new IoP logo and the Stimulating Physics logo. I’ve also changed MUTR to Mindsetsonline and removed the reference to the price of eggs (no longer 79p!).  I’ve not yet checked the other websites etc mentioned, but wanted to upload it here for anyone else to use, should you wish to.


      1310119376son of new ideas.ppt

      1310122289son of new ideas – vidshell removed.ppt

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      Also, here’s the simulation of an eclipsing binary that I used (one to demonstrate the effect, and one to use in the practical) and the worksheet I gave my pupils when I did it with them.  The worksheet is written for measuring the changing resistance, but I’ve also done it with a cell in the circuit, and measured the changing current, which drops during the eclipse, just as the light curve does, whearas the resistance increases, which may wrong-foot some pupils.


      1310120323eclipsing binaries simulation.ppt

      1310120339eclipsing binaries for experiment.ppt

      1310120355detecting binary stars.doc

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      Have you done the practical with a class then? I only did it with one VIth former at a time when we tried it.

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