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      A user is concerned that joining TalkPhysics may have led to them receiving spam. Please let me know if you feel that spam has increased significantly since you joined the website. Thank you.


      Only one user has so far mentioned spam as a problem, and that includes quite a few people working around me in the IoP office, and a couple of us who have registered users with home email addresses (not IoP ones), so I’m pretty confident that it is not just that the IoP staff email system is good at catching spam.

      I’m reasonably confident that joining TalkPhysics does not lead to spam, largely because the system does not publish anyone’s email addresses to the outside world (I can only see them because I am an administrator), but I want to explore any evidence that my confidence is misplaced.

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      It appears that this has been about only one user, and that they already had substantial problems with spam to their email address before joining TalkPhysics. Jon

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