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      Hello all,


      I am trying to get the interactive/animation SPT_11-14_Em_MagnetForces to work on my computer.  I’ve update my flash driver and tried it in three different browsers but I’m not getting anywhere.  I am working on the assumption that the ‘index’ file should act as the launch pad.  But when I open it I just get a rectangle which has a gradient from blue to white (top to bottom) and no text.


      Please help!



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      Hi Judith – sorry, just spotted this didn’t have a reply.


      I’m sorry – I’m struggling to understand some of the details you’re asking about. Have you downloaded the Em.zip file “SPT: Electricity and Magnetism topic (211.2 Mb)” here: https://www.talkphysics.org/groups/1178/forums/3363 ? You’ve “unzipped” it into a folder so there are many .pdf files? Double-clicked on the SPT_11-14_Em_Topic_menu.pdf file?


      Which animation are you trying to use – I can’t find one called “MagnetForces”? Please could you let me know which episode (01/02/03/etc.) and thread (PN/TL/TA) you’re using?


      Or have you found this resource another way, if so, can you point me at where you found it?


      Thanks – Jon

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      I think you may have downloaded the interactive?  Did it work before you downloaded it? Did you unzip the  downloaded file? Have you set permissions so that Flash can run local content?


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