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      Do people have a preferred SOW or route through the GCSE spec? I know that Edexcel use to produce student guides for each chapter (of the old spec). What is the current favourite resource for pupils/teachers to accompnay the course?

      I am hoping to start after half-term, 2-year course, 1 hour per week after school.

      Any suggestions gratefully received!


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      I’ve just started – 2 weeks in. I’m using one of theEdexcel  suggested delivery schedules – Model A, which starts with constellations.

      But I haven’t seen a detailed scheme of work; I’m making it up as I go along.

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      There are detailed SOWs available on the Edexcel website: http://www.edexcel.com/quals/gcse/gcse09/Astronomy/Pages/default.aspx under Teacher Support Materials. I’m currently following Model A, but like you David, am making it up as I go along – it probably would have taken me more time to go through their SOW than to choose what I do myself!

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