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      My default web browser, Firefox 15, won’t open links to talkphysics. Does anyone else have this problem? I can open the links in Chrome or IE.

      Jon Scaife, Sheffield

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      Just a question how are you opening the links, from an email or directly typing it into the addrees bar

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      Hi – I’m running Firefox 15.0.1 as my main browser without any difficulties, so I’ll be particularly interested in this. Is there anyone else with a browser which isn’t co-operating?

      Jon – maybe you could email me “off-list” to let me know some more details about your problem – jon.clarke@iop.org . What are the exact steps you follow, what’s your operating system, have you ever had problems with any other website, etc.

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      Just to add my three penneth. I use Firefox and aren’t having any problems. You could try going into Control Panel/Default Programs/Set your default programs and then click on Firefox and set it as the default programme for everything. It may be that you currently have one programme as your default for opening links in emails and another for navigating the net and there is a conflict.

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      Hi folks,

      Thanks for your replies. I googled this issue and found a suggestion of disabling a You Tube toolbar that had crept into my Firefox add-ons. This did the trick.

      Jon S.

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      Thanks for letting us know – a relief to know it’s not TalkPhysics, and handy to have a solution we can offer to other people. I’m moving this topic into the “Issues and Suggestions for TalkPhysics” group.

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