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      At the online meeting of coordinators we had on Saturday the latest post business suddenly started putting things that were 1 hour old in front of something that was 2 minutes old and so on. This made it rather tricky following the posts.

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      Hi Gary – do you mean in the email notifications? Can you forward me to example emails?


      The notifications are set to send each 15 minutes, so I might have expected things to arrive in the wrong order with upto 15 minutes between them. It might be useful to confirm that it is only 15 rather than 60 minutes.


      We could ask for two refinements of this – that even though they only get send periodically, at least it should send the oldest first? And maybe each 5 rather than each 15?

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      No, it was in the list of discussions in the group. I think it was just a minor glitch as I noticed later that it was all correct.

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