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      A while ago there was an email thread on PTNC about top physics demos to see before you leave school. People thought it would be good idea to compile a list and sort out a vote for a top 10.


      I’m seeing whether TP could do this, either with stuff in the comments.


      Van de Graaf generator
      Constructing a series and parallel circuit
      Any pressure demo
      Experiments with density. Floating and sinking experiments in year 7
      Brownian motion
      Cloud chamber
      Spark detector
      Circular motion demos
      Potential divider as a resistor
      Liquid NO2 ice cream
      Crossed Polaroid sheets
      Boiling water in a vacuum
      Reubens Tube – Frequency wavelength etc
      Deflection of an Electron by an electric and magentic field.
      Conduction of glass rod using mains electricity although i’ve never had the 
      confidence/ H&S mindset to perform it.
      giant pendulum to show conservation of energy.
      Homopolar motor
      homemade loudspeaker with a neodymium magnet
      extension lead skipping rope electricity generator
      laser and chalk dust
      strobe and water dripping upwards
      flame probes and electrostatic fields
      a gaussian gun
      Monkey and Hunter
      charged ruler deflecting thin stream of water
      bed of nails
      Standing waves – loudspeakers in a corridor
      Pyrex glass “disappears” in vegetable oil
      Magnets and iron fillings
      convection between cold water and hot water with dye
      ice cube floating and melting in water, watching the water level ‘change’.
      Sodium hexafluoride – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PJTq2xQiQ0

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