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      This game is more about stability than moments. You stack counters on a stand that can tilt depending on the load distribution. The stand doesn’t balance that well but it doesn’t matter to play the game. You score points in a connect 4 type way by getting a row of 5 or a stack of 3 or greater. You roll a dice to determine whereabouts you’re allowed to place your counter. It’s quite good fun to play and was quite cheap too – £7.99 from Amazon – but is now over £20!. You can get it here Topple. If you played this you’d be learning a little bit about stability, and you could tie in the business with centre of mass needing to be supported inside the base and a little bit about moments. You’re supposed to gain points so there’s some addition too. The game is supposed to be for 2-4 players and there are 4 sets of counters of different colours. One game only takes about 10 minutes to play because if you topple the counters over or if you run out of counters then the game ends. I doubt 14-18 year olds would feel very challenged by this game but 11-14 year olds should enjoy it.

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