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      On the home page


      – clicking on a group hyperlink under the comment takes you to a page containing all groups: I’d expect it to take me to the named group.

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      On comments: am I tagging the comment, the attached files, both or neither?

      – not clear at present.


      Suggest add explanatory text:


      replace “Tags” with “Tag the comment to help member of the community find it”


      And \ or – for files


      replace “Tags” with “Tag the resource to help member of the community find it”

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      – on members, we’ve lost the ability to manage lists of members – say those we work with.


      This might encourage personal messaging, rather than broadcast a message to all 5000

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       – again on the menu items


      I think ‘subscriptions’ ought to be ‘notifications’, for consistency… 

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      My account tabs / menu items


      On the notifications tab, when you follow the subscriptions, I don’t think the internal id of the group adds anything for the user, so we can loose that column.


      I have not idea what the authorisations tab is for. I think we can loose it.


      View tab should say ‘activity and profile’


      Edit tab should say ‘edit profile’


      Suggets tab order to match user frequency: activity and profile/notifications/bookmarks/editprofile

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      Resources: Must be only files attached to comments, as per spec. **real soon**


      Having people’s images as resources for teaching is blowing my irony meter.

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      groups pages


      -there is no no longer a way for identifying which groups I created / own, and therefore ought ot feel soem responsibility for…


      If editing a group description page the software treats it as a forum posy. Please flag parts of it not to appear here (f.i. you cannot make it sticky, the group image is not a teaching resource, I have two undifferentiated  boxes marked tags)


      Again on the groups description page, there’s a statement “no flags”. What’s a flag?


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      When I agree to notifiactions form a group, what’s intended?




      -forum comments?



      –the editing notfications process seems to need lots of clicks and far too many page traverals if all we’re doing is running down a checklist of groups and agreeing to everything or nothing.

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      Losses – not tooimportant for me..


      I think I’ve lost my sent messages and bookmarks in the transition

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      Need some coffee first.


      But: The resources page is also referred to as the Search resources page.



      -Resource menu item is”Find resources” 

      -Members menu item is “Find members”


      As that’s all these pages do.


      And while we’re there


      Search by name / apply is not very evocative!




      **Find members**


      Enter name




      Because that’s what you’re doing – filtering the databaseby your search term.


      Back to the main search block after coffee in the sunny garden..


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      Search – from TOP RHS of main page


      – I’m asked to enter my keywords


      –but they’re not keywords, as it seems to be doing a full text search. So suggest “Look for”, ro something a bit simpler…

      — can I searh for phrases “XXX YYY”; what are the permited separators for search terms?



      on the user’s tab “If you are looking for resources, please go to the Search Resourcespage.” is repeated. Developers – Boff!



      the advanced search just seems to populate the search box, and then drop you back into the search page.. if this is correct, it’s wel konfusing.


       Suggest change (on menu bar as well as here “Advanced Search”->”More options”


      The different filters seem to work OK….

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      Closed groups



      -do we want the group membership exposed? Why this change?

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      1) none of the existing tagging from the old site seems to have survived


      2) The Advanced search deos not seem to make use of tags


      3) what, exactly, can be tagged?

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      Hi Ian – Thank you. I’m not ignoring all of this lot! I’ll respond, hopefully early next week. I’ll update the names of the Resources and Members menu links now, because we have the power (hurrah!).

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      The resources turned into a cludge – Charles and I compromised on this one because there did not seem to be any sensible technical solutions. One option was rewriting the search module, but I suspected that would simply cause us terrible grief further down the line.


      However, stuff should only show up in the Resources page which have the “for use with students?” category ticked. That should immediately eliminate the vast majority of the current files, and all of those profile images. At least I can take that to the developers. Also, we had registered a problem with the developers already, which is that there used to be “contextual URL”, which would take you the post that the file is attached to. It was agreed that that will be fixed as soon as possible.


      So not quite what you’re asking for here (and not what I requested originally!), but hopefully an awful lot nearer.

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