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      Was horrified to see “mid-July” as the date for implementing usability fixes, the delay apparently due to bug fixes.

      I’d like to suggets that unless the bugs in question are actually fatal (ie TP won’t work unless they are fixed — which isn’t the case, clearly, as I’m typing this), that the usability changes are made the number one priority?  The site will succeed or fail on its usability and at the moment it needs lots of basic tweak (IMHO!).

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      Please see my posting about TP’s budget concerning some of the background of the timing.

      I decided that core functions, such as being able to download files and keep information secure, needed to be a higher priority than changes to the user interface. I cetainly agree that usability is important, but we’ve had long-running problems about downloading files, and that bit of usability failing (again, in a new way…) will upset some people who have been very patient.

      And you’ve given many valuable suggestions about the user interface which can’t be accomodated by Elgg – I’m certainly bearing them in mind, and they may well be what shapes any successor to this software (if usage doesn’t expand).

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