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      I’ve had a useful conversation with Gregor Steele at SSERC who is an expert on these topics.  He pointed me to some documents from SSERC which discuss the issues.  His view is that we should not recommend blue UV laser pointers to schools or even demonstrate their use.  He has done measurements on current models and the lasers being sold are higher power than they say they are, and he does not know of a reliable 1 mW blue laser which is within a school budget.

      Gregor was happier with UV lamps as sold for security but recommends that they are used in a clamp, not looked at directly and not shone on skin.  Instructions for making a light box for these are also available, however, he did not think this was necessary.

      Gary Williams is concerned that retailers are not checking the power of the lasers they are selling.  The last one I bought was sold as 1 mW but when it arrived was labelled as 5 mW.

      The relevant SSERC articles are

      Ultraviolet lightbox SSERC Bulletin 208 Spring 2003 p7

      UV source: model risk assessment SSERC Bulletin 208 Spring 2003 p3

      Optical radiation: safe use in schools and colleges SSERC 2010


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