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      Make-up that fluoresces under UV light can be a great way to introduce ultraviolet. Dax wax works well but is like chip fat, nail varnishes and mascaras are also available. These can be worn and don’t show up until you switch on the UV light. Some UV hair gels are pretty poor when on though – such as the one pictured here.
      Get a 4ft disco “blacklight” from a light shop instead of buying a UV lamp from the usual catalogues. These can be 4 times as big and cost ~ £22 including tube mounting. Use UV make-up to show fluorescence – I get mine from http://www.uvgear.co.uk/product/uvbodypaint.htm

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      Disco UV Nail Polish
      Highlights under UV light, 14ml. £2.95 from
      They also do a range of other make-up too.
      Boots used to do a mascara that looked good on beards and eyebrows. A lip stick was also good. Credit cards and driving licenses also fluoresce quite well.
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