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      I thought I’d take a look around at what’s “on the horizon” in terms of technology. In some ways, this is far beyond anything we’re likely to achieve for the IOP soon, but worthwhile thinking ahead…

      Web 1.0 – where we were from the launch of the world-wide web to the public in 1993, in which the main usage of websites is a one-way publication of information from a producer to a consumer (such as most of the content of the IOP’s main iop.org website). Wikipedia article

      Web 2.0 – a term coined in 2004, referring to the “social web”, where users of websites interact with each other, and add content to the website, such as via blogs, wikis, and social networking such as talkphysics.org . Wikipedia article

      Web 2.5 – a prediction of where current trends are likely to lead us in the next few years: to having the web (and its various applications, such as iPhone apps) available to us at all times because we have web-enabled smartphones and similar devices available to us at all times. A nod in this direction will be the point at which TalkPhysics is usable on smartphones. CNET article

      Web 3.0 – a prediction that the “semantic web” will develop, so that humans can use natural language, for instance, to search the web for restaurant suggestions with various constraints (with a style of food you like, near the cinema where you’re seeing a funny film tonight). In TalkPhysics, this could be using natural language to describe a resource you want, such as “experiment about lenses for 14 year olds”. Wikipedia article , HowStuffWorks article

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