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      I have been in contact with the team behind the “Boy and his Atom” film which has been doing the rounds on the internet recently.

      If you haven’t seen the clip then you should take a look. A research team at IBM have used a scanning tunneling microscope to drag CO molecules across a copper substrate. From doing this a few thousand times and by capturing the elctric field density each time, they have managed to create a small animated film by editing them all together.


      Dr Heinrich and his team are in California and are researching into Hard Drive memory capabilities. Thye have kindly agreed to put on a live webcast / webinar for schools in the UK during the last week in June. Good opportunity to show students about Physics / Engineering research in the real world and allow them to ask any questions they may have.

      Dr Heinrich has also informed me that they have built an app which may allow students to control the machinery to move atoms themselves using their phones!

      If you would like more details on how to join the webinar, please contact me


      Chris Watson

      Head of Physics

      The Fallibroome Academy

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