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      From Westpoint Military Academy. Allows you to design, build and test bridges. It also has information
      about the materials used and their cost. Easy to use and very stable, very popular with all ages from 4 up.

      Download from:



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      Hi Gary – I’ve been trying to use the WPBD software for a few months now, but I can’t get the animation to run. I’m using the latest version (WPBD 2010, 2nd edition), with 32-bit Win XP with Service Pack 3, IE8 and Sun Java Runtime Environment 6.22 (the latest). I’ve contacted WPBD’s technical support, who’ve suggested that I install 64-bit Java, but Sun’s website won’t let me do this, and I would have thought this would be a very widespread problem across their core audience of US schools. If it’s just me, then I’ll just have to accept that I can’t use this software with my schools, but at least I can let them know that others have been able to get it running.

      Two questions: have you or anyone else been able to get the latest version of WPBD running on a Windows PC? Which Windows / browser / Java set-up are you using?

      Thank you for any ideas! Jon

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      I couldn’t get the 2nd edition animation to run either but the 1st edition lower down the page seems to run fine.

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      There are downloads for Windows and Mac now here:




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