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      What was the most valuable thing you learnt at the summer school?

      How will what you have learnt affect your teaching?

      Share your thoughts here with other summer school delegates.

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      I really enjoyed the course and think that this will have a huge impact on my teaching. It has helped me by increasing my confidence to teach this subject.

      I will definately be using the rope model to help teach electricity and will buy some cosmic balls. Got so many ideas to many to list here.

      Finally looking forward to teaching physics!!!!

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      Hi Susanne,

      Fantastic, I’m glad you had a good time. Let me know if you find somewhere to buy the cosmic balls, I think SPN-influenced teachers have bought them all up!

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      Here are the slides from the Astrobiology talk at Oxford.  I missed it, but I’m told it was excellent.


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      Thank you so much

      the summer school was great and my folder of notes sits on my desk ready for me to browse for inspiration. I am beginning to teach the year 10 universe topic this week and hoping to use celestia to inspire them.

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      Hi everyone.  We have applied for the 2nd summer school this year and look forward to meeting lots of people again!!



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