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      At the moment, whoever made a closed group is the only person who can invite people to join it. Any administrator (such as me) can edit comments, etc., but cannot change the owner of the group. Currently the group will end up “stuck” if the owner leaves.

      What do other users think? I think we have two simple alternatives: either we “freeze” the group when the owner leaves, so new members cannot join, or we give administrators the power to change who owns a group.

      Thinking about a PNC setting up a private, closed group for the staff that they support, what would be best if the PNC leaves TalkPhysics:

      – that the private group continue only among themselves, with a new group made by the new PNC, or

      – that the private discussion they’ve already had is shared with the new PNC, who takes over the existing group?

      Thank you for any ideas – Jon

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