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      10% of TalkPhysics’s 3868 members filled out the “current interest in teaching physics” field in their profile. Hopefully that is a sufficient sample to make some deductions about the whole. The IOP’s Physics Network Co-ordinators (here) reach 95% of PGCE students in the UK, so it is no surprise that trainee teachers (student teachers) make up such a large share of TalkPhysics’s members. Our members who are teachers or NQTs make up around 21% of 3868 = 800 in total.

      To put that in perspective, using some estimates (these are not authoritative!) from around the IOP office, there are 3300 secondary schools in the UK, there are about 1.6 specialist physics teachers per school, and about 19% of science teachers are physics specialists. Therefore, there are around 26 000 science teachers in the UK. Our members represent around 3% of these. 

      4% of our members filled out the “current role” field showing, as we could have anticipated, that the vast majority of our users are currently working or training, and most of the rest are in some sort of support role for teachers (e.g. retirees who are kindly sharing their experience).

      Very few members have completed the “country” field – it has shown up a bug which we’ll fix there. We know from the registrations and Google Analytics data that the vast majority of members and site visitors (perhaps 95%) are from the UK. Given the IOP’s access to UK trainee teachers, and our focus on marketing within the UK, this was to be anticipated. Spain provides the most visitors outside the UK.

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