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      I am finding my students are gaining some sense of reassurance from my contact with them.
      One of the things I am sharing with them is some career paths in STEM areas.

      We gather at the beginning of the year any ideas they have on a potential career they may be thinking about. We get some interesting ones like roller coaster designer.


      We find a lot of students say engineering without realising how many different types of engineering there are.

      It is the International Year of Sound so I will start with careers in acoustic engineering, audio engineering (R&D) and being an acoustical scientist.
      We have some experience of this since every year we have students go on to study with Salford’s universities acoustic department.

      We also visit Salford acoustics with first year A level students. There is an article in the March Classroom Physics magazine on careers in acoustics.

      Salford acoustics have good information on careers on their website.

      So many different careers to explore in acoustics. The website has a lot of information and case studies of many of these career paths.
      It is also has some great advice for students on choosing between STEM based or practitioner based courses.
      I have already been sharing the information with our eight students studying maths, physics and music/music technology.
      I will be telling all the students this week as the entry requirements do not require the study of musics and we have many students that study maths and physics and are interested in acoustics. The entry requirements are 112-120 UCAS points, including grade C in Mathematics, Physics or a numerate science.


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      NUSTEM have made some excellent career resources.

      I will be using these great career cards over the coming weeks

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