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      Further to the article in December’s Classroom Physics, here are some questions about energy. They are styled as GCSE questions but please note that they have no official status as sample material or what is likely to appear in GCSE exams. The intention is to provide some exemplars of questions that assess students’ understanding of energy ideas rather than of a specific approach to teaching about energy.
      They are in Word format and are available for you to use in their current or edited format.
      Energy questions (Dec 2017)

      Or copy and paste this link:

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      Thanks for these Charles. They are very well designed and they lead the students to reinforce their understanding, as well as challenging their existing preconceptions for the students who might still be uncertain about the topic. For example, asking what point is best to use as end point for a calculation of the velocity of a diver gets the students to think about a procedural calculation that supports the idea of conservation of energy and choosing start and end points according to the purpose of the task.

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      Sorry. It turns out that you need to sign in to download the document from the link above. Here it is on Dropbox without a sign in.

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