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      My Oxford hopefuls have just taken the PAT test and now are preparing for interview. I have a group of students that are on our Interview Preparation Program, these include students applying to Oxford for physics, Cambridge for natural science and engineering, Imperial for engineering and a few other universities that require an interview for entry. We also seem to have a very positive impact on students applying to do computing at these same universities.

      I have been doing this for a few years now and here are some of my ideas/resources.
      Nearly ever student has been asked to sketch a curve. I would say that one of the main things tested is mathematical ability.

      Here are my curve sketching resources.

      curve sketching ANS
      curve sketching Q
      curve sketching1
      curve sketching2
      curve sketching3
      curve sketching4

      I usually focus on graphs like during our sessions



      You can develop the idea of convolution of functions and show how the exponential provides an envelop for the cos function.
      You can then link this to a damped harmonic oscillator. These type of students enjoy it when we combine what they have learnt in mathematics with that in physics.


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      This is great. Thanks.

      I have been using some of the problems from this great book in mock interviews:

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      I always liked these curves, I was bored last night and rather watch some rich folks laugh at poor people on xfactor made this in geogebra!

      Its very easy to make and think students find it helpful.

      If you down the geogebra program and type these three lines into the input bar (pressing enter each time) you should get the main bits:




      Sliders can be used to make the constant easier to play around with.

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      sorry changed link

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