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    Hi All can anyone explain to me how you get the answer to Q14 for the OCR Modelling physics paper (set 2) the 2nd practice paper they released. The question is:

    Q14 modelling physics

    The answer according to the markscheme is A. I can get B but cannot work out how they have A as the answer. Please help??

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    I agree with you, the answer should be B.

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    I got B as well. To get A, they used 1 year instead of 1 day for T. If you calculate \frac{2\pi}{365\times24\times60\times60} = 1.99\times 10^{-7}. So that is the error.

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    Thank you both Matt for clarifying precisely why its wrong and Luke for also helping me feel confident I’m not just losing the plot! Cheers both

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    Good spot, Matt. I couldn’t figure out what they’d done.

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