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      I saw this advert in Classroom Physics  the newsletter from the IOP’s education department. Classroom physics is sent to all schools in the IOP’s Schools and Colleges Affiliation Scheme.

      You can see the other benefits of joining the scheme here

      You can also access all the back issues electronically if you are a registered member of TalkPhysics. Registration is free for teachers, technicians and trainees. The back issues can be found here;

      I have recently had a few students study the electronics option for AQA A level physics. I have also become interested in a few electronics projects both in my own teaching and in student extended project qualifications. I have always thought electronics is under represented at GCSE and A level physics, especially when so many of the new technologies being developed are inherently based in electronics. When I look at the number of my own students who go on to study electronics at university it makes me realise I have some work to do in making students aware of the fine university courses and careers available to them

      I was excited to gain a place on the course sponsored by the UKESF, the IOP and others. This was a course with an incredible amount of sessions over the two days. I was particularly interested in the A Level Physics Music Mixer kit. The kit was developed in partnership with Dr D Spencer and other from Southampton University, the UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF), and with the sponsorship of organisations including Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), and the ERA Foundation.

      The kit contains three experiments an amplitude mixer, a Planck’s constant experiment and a Capacitor discharge experiment. More details can be found in the link below.

      On the day we connected the mixer to oscilloscopes and used an LDR to vary the signals intensity.

      I have had an interest in beats for a while now so the first thing I tried was making beats with the signal generator APP that we used.

      I have my son who studies Acoustics at the University of Salford designing me some sound files that will be optimised for the amplitude mixing that this potential divider set up allows. My college is part of the HE Plus program from Cambridge university. The next session I am delivering in January on potential dividers will be using the set of kits I have with the students. I will keep this thread updated with my progress

      Any physics teacher can register their interest in receiving classroom sets of A-Level teaching resources via this link:

      It’s all part of a campaign to raise awareness about Electronics among school children; it is called “Turn On To Electronics
      The campaign video is on You Tube ( ) and the campaign website here

      They want to get the classroom kits into every school in the country, the background info is all here:


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      Pretty sure I have signed up for this before and heard no more.

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      I hope there will be more events. Would you like me to lend you one for your perusal? Then you could join the list for the kits in the link above. I am quite excited to explore the op-amp on the board. There is even a mention of this in the pamphlet that comes inside the kit. I only recently became aware of op amps and how they can be used for computation and logic.


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      If you have one available to see that would be great David



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      I still have your school address so I will pop it in the post to you this weekend. I have just acquired 15 of the little black speakers for my kits. The video below shows how you can change the volume on each channel.

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